Swaffham, Norfolk

Salary & Benefits

£8.30 per hour

Vacancy Type

Part Time

Closing Date



Meadow House, Swaffham

Meadow House are currently recruiting for an experienced gardener, with excellent communication skills and the ability to work with people to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in gardening, including flower beds, flower pots and decorative hanging baskets. 

This will be 7 hours per week position.

Duties and Responsibilities;

  • To care for, manage and develop identified garden areas.  
  • To ensure that identified garden areas are cared for, managed and developed in order that they can be used to support curriculum delivery and enrichment. 
  • To develop and maintain garden areas and beds, sometimes working alone and sometimes working with tenants and or residents.  
  • To have a knowledge and understanding of the way in which to care for, manage and develop identified garden areas, including soil cultivation, digging, forking, mulching, watering, raking, weeding, edging, pruning, seed sowing, bed preparation and planting. 
  • To have knowledge and ability in the use and maintenance of hand tools.  
  • To offer support to tenants, residents and or staff when they access the identified garden areas by working with and sharing skills, knowledge and expertise related to the role of the gardener. 

This is for 7 hours per week.